What We Do

Preston Pipe is a market research and consulting firm dedicated to the steel pipe & tube industry.

Our goal is to provide complete steel pipe & tube market data and analysis – as well as other services revolving around the steel pipe & tube industry – in an impartial, objective manner. We at Preston believe that an informed market is better for the complete supply chain and end-user customers. To accomplish this, we maintain the largest market intelligence database on steel pipe & tube in the world. We utilize our database, along with our knowledge, industry experience, education and extensive network of contacts to maintain an up-to-the-minute understanding of every aspect of all seven steel pipe & tube product segments. We maintain information on the complete supply chain, from raw materials to the arrival of finished products at the customer’s location, as well as data on the end-use markets for steel pipe & tube. This provides us with the tools to publish well-informed industry periodicals and special reports, perform customized special market studies, and offer consulting services revolving around virtually all aspects of steel pipe & tube markets – both in North America and abroad. We have served as consultants for the industry, both in the U.S. and internationally, and for the U.S. and foreign governments. (For more information, visit Services.)

Preston is committed to the highest degree of integrity, confidentiality and impartiality with respect to all of our interactions and publications.

Preston Pipe provides information, data and analysis. We do not buy, sell or manufacture pipe & tube.

Rick Preckel & Paul Vivian

Where We Started

Preston Publishing Company was created in 1982 to track shipments and consumption of steel pipe & tube. Over the years, Preston evolved into the premier pipe and tube industry resource for data, statistics and analysis.

In 2007, Preston was acquired by Rick Preckel and Paul Vivian, two experienced pipe and tube professionals from the manufacturing and distribution sectors of the pipe and tube industry. Since that time, Preston’s capabilities have expanded to include consulting services in the areas of business planning, marketing, acquisitions and divestitures, economic research, and other areas.

Rick Preckel, Principal Paul Vivian, Principal